Charlie Bebout Assaulted

The State Journal
Friday, May 9, 1903

Edmond, O. T. May 9. The city of Edmond was awakened into a sensation today by the alleged attempt on the part of mrs. Surber to shoot Chas. Bebout, a young barber of this city. it is claimed that Mrs. Surber believed Bebout had made remarks about her daughter, at least rumor so stated. The woman immediately purchased a revolver and sought to make short work of the young man. Going to the barber shop, she was in the act of shooting him, when he dropped a razor which he had and grabbed the gun, thus preventing the shooting. he had her arrested and her preliminary hearing will occur this morning before the justice of the piece {sic}. She is under $1,000 bond. Bebout is talking off taking the case to district court, making of it a territorial offense.--State Capital.
Charlie is the son of Judge I. W. Bebout, and is well known in Orlando.

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